Tip 1 – Your Emotional Journey


How was your morning this morning?

Was it stress free?
Did you get out of the house on time?
Did you make it through without losing your sh$%??

If you did – fantastic.

If you didn’t, then welcome to my world.

When Henry started school… it was mayhem, crying, tears, tantrum, forgotten hats, late… oh and the meltdowns weren’t his. I’m the first to admit (with embarassment yet honesty) it was how it was. BUT it doesn’t have to be that way and it certainly isn’t any more. So read on, these 5 tips that I’ll share with you over the next week or so contain our Top 5 Tips for Smooth School Mornings. Because it absolutely can happen.

Let’s agree school mornings can be dreadful and frustrating for so many parents. Not everyone though, some people are organised, kids just do what they want, it works, everybody is calm.

So guessing if you’re still reading it’s because that’s not you. Here’s the thing. We’re wanting to encourage our children to be independent and do things for themselves, yet sometimes it’s faster and easier to do it for them. We say the same thing a billion times over… have you got your hat? Put your shoes on! Make your bed! …

Regardless of whether you’re starting out on the school journey or you’ve been at it for a few years, here’s the key to starting your day great.

Tip 1: Be ready for your own emotional journey

Always check-in and acknowledge your own emotional state as you start the day.

Feeling tired, sad, stressed, worried or cranky about something that’s actually going on for you (rather than your child)?

We may not even be aware of what is simmering below the surface and we can unintentionally put that energy onto our kids and the morning atmosphere. Acknowledge where you’re at (probably completely understandable concerns too), then breath deeply and then ‘clear the screen’, start afresh being as present as possible for every conversation with your child.

Be honest with yourself too, really connect and ask yourself the question, how am I really feeling? Now realistically speaking you’re probably not in a position to wave a magic wand and change the things on your mind. Perhaps an upcoming meeting or presentation at work, had a fight with partner, worries about a parent, didn’t take bread out of the freezer, forgot to wash the uniform…. whatever it is.

The only thing you have control over is, the meaning that you give these events, scenarios or situations that are playing out over and over in your head (taking up head space). Please change the meanings that you give them.

Breath again, and make sure you hydrate and start the day with a glass of water or ideally hot water with a squeeze of lemon. Give yourself moments of airtime that you deserve, so you can then get on with the day and being present and available for your child or children.

Even if it’s your first time with the school routine, you may well be familiar with the morning challenges or chaos that can ensue, because you’ve had your child at childcare or pre-school. You’ll know what mornings can be like.

Something that surprised me the most about starting out at school was the expectation that he was at school, so he needs to be able to do certain things. Yet….. I hadn’t actually taught him. And it might not even be one specific activity, it’s the combination of activities and the following of the routine.

If you are starting out, keep in mind, with a child starting school, it can be an emotional journey for the parent as much as for the child. Our memories of our own school experience come flooding back, be they great or not so great or simply memories. It may be mixed. It is important to acknowledge our own school experiences as our own. It was what it was and now it’s our children’s time. Allow children to start with a fresh, clear and curious space, where we’re not putting our experiences onto them or overly influencing them (even unintentionally). They’ll discover what’s to come as they grow and learn. Notice what your existing beliefs are about the school experience, and be aware of what you’re then telling them leading up to starting school, each day and as the weeks go by.

Apply these tips and techniques to every day, yesterday’s morning may not be today’s, as today won’t be tomorrow. Start afresh each and every day.

Here’s to making mornings amazing. To find out more about School’s Coming Author & Creator of the School’s Coming Routine Kit, visit our website.