PLEASE NOTE: Due Covid19 we have not reprinted School's Coming books, posters or cards supplies for new school starters for 2021. We sincerely apologise for any convenience. We recommend you check with your local library or ask friends to pass on their copies. Once again our apologies and we wish you every success for the year ahead. Scroll down for our Top 9 Tips for Smooth School Mornings. Warm regards, The Matthews Family

Sick of nagging and yelling?
Sounding like a broken record?
Had enough of getting to work tired and exhausted?

Are you getting your child ready for starting school?

Or tearing your hair out because you're starting to sound like a screaming banshee and your child is only in year 1 or 2. There are a lot of school years to go...!

Here at School's Coming, we're passionate about seeing every child and parent have the ideal start to every school day.

Juggling the load between home, work, full calendars and raising kids can be hectic. We want to help you with some key ingredients to making your school mornings amazing.

School's Coming, a kit for empowering kids to create and organise their own morning routine shares useful and practical tips and tools.

Tried and tested, Genevieve Matthews and her family have used these to get their routine on track, to reduce the yelling, teach teamwork and encourage harmony even on the busiest of days over the last few years. Integrated into these and the hard copy resources are theories from neuro-linguistic programming and human behavioural therapies.

Please enjoy the tips below to help you and your family.

Genevieve is available as a speaker at events or for 1-1 family consultations to help improve your mornings, understand human behaviour (adult and child alike) and how to raise confident and happy kids.

Feelings of guilt and failure can take over, because you loose it at your kids most mornings, or you're always running late, or perhaps you're the doing it all for your child. This too will have an impact, as they're not learning to fend or care for themselves.

You're not alone with concerns and challenges, as the morning school routine is a bain of life for many parents. 

Get everyone on the same page, talking the same language and getting on with 'their' jobs and out the door on time to school. Have your ideal start to every school day in the years to come!

Top 9 Tips for Smooth School Mornings

Play and Experience

  • How to have the best start to every morning
  • What's important for your family members
  • Ways to start conversations and talk openly
  • More structure and routine getting ready
  • How to make school mornings fun
  • Kids flourishing with encouragement and routine
  • The benefits of love and calm on those hectic mornings

"Rather than tell a child what to do, show and teach them how to be!"
Genevieve Matthews

According to studies by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, some key factors for success for a child transitioning from early childhood education and care settings to school are to:

  • build on children’s prior and current experiences;
  • ensure children have active role in preparing in partnership with families;
  • assist children to understand transitions, routines and practices of the settings they are moving to and feel comfortable with this process;
  • help children negotiate changes in status or identity;

School's Coming Blog

We sought your counsel as our son needed a gentle push to focus and apply himself to various tasks. By utilising the recommendations, the positive reinforcement such as acknowledgement for completing a task, and having him feel he is working as part of a team in the morning, we have experienced positive results! Furthermore, he asks to read your book School’s Coming as he is visual learner and connects with the characters, being your two children. I highly recommend the use of your positive feedback / team work methodology and your book as a visual reinforcement. Well done and thank you!

Jamie Cockerill, dad of 5 year old and new school starter

"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning.
But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood."

Fred Rogers

Getting my son out the door for kindy has involved a lot of bribing and mostly me dressing him and doing everything just to get out the door on time. Decided this has to stop for school next year but wasn't sure how effective I would be. Using the School's Coming cards has provided me the framework to start this routine. Getting my son's involvement in sorting the order he wants to do things was a fun and positive experience. Now with a reference point we can both work from, I'm sure by the time he starts school we will have the routine down pat and a much less stressful morning period.

Amber Burbidge - Mum of 5 year old and new school starter

My son is starting school next year and reading School’s Coming in bed at night has certainly helped him step up his level of responsibility when getting ready each morning. I find since having read the book a few times he is more eager to dress himself, pack his bag and be a real team player. We hi-5 every accomplishment in the morning which motivates him to do it better and faster next time. Thank you for sharing this book with us. It’s really helped in so many ways.

Samantha Millward - Mum of 5 year old and new school starter