#7day challenge

School's Coming 7 day challenge

Choose your favourite card from the School’s Coming Routine Kit card pack and tell us why it’s your fave. There are 46 cards in the pack and each play an important role in helping kids prepare for school. The cards are an important source of conversation and discussion for parents about routine, responsibility and teamwork. With younger school starters, how much do they do by themselves? How much do you help with? What jobs do you do to make it easier for them? Or how can you help teach them, empower them and encourage their independence?

For example, have you moved the cereals down lower on the shelf and put milk into a little jug so they can get their own breakfast? Do you insist on brushing your child’s hair, because you can’t stand the messy look, or do you encourage them to learn to brush it themselves and get through the ‘messy’ phase for a few months till they get the hang of it? Do you start the tying up shoe laces and then let them complete it, or tell them to get started and then let them finish it off, or are you really under the pump and doing everything for them, to facilitate a hasty getaway from home…?

When both parents and kids embrace routine and yes, I mean embrace it, love it, give it a good old fashioned hug, then great things can happen in a household.

There are so many little things to help children and parents have amazing mornings and it starts with conversation about what’s important? What needs to happen, the timing, the order and importantly the value of teamwork along the way. If you haven’t already got your School’s Coming Routine Kit, then get online today and buy your School’s Coming Routine Kit and make your mornings smoother, calmer and more efficient. Every child and parent deserves the best possible start to every school day.

Post your favourite card on Instagram or Facebook, as a video or image and share why it is your favourite. The challenge runs for the next 7 days and then we’ll be announcing the winner of the #7daychallenge and delivering a Hoyts Family movie pass to some lucky family to enjoy an outing together. We look forward to seeing your favourite School’s Coming Cards.