Meet Happy Henry and Lovely Lucy!

In 2014, Henry started school. As his mum, juggling work and home life, I soon discovered that things needed to adapt significantly for us both with school hours and requirements. Starting school was an adjustment to the childcare routine. Quickly tiring and frustrated with the many mornings of rushing and raised voices, I set about designing a poster for Henry with all the things he and I needed to remember for the morning. He followed suit fairly quickly and it certainly helped our routine, their relationship and morning efficiency.

Friends commented, other school mums and soon, I was sharing our family secret and tips. Once year 1 started there were again adjustments to the routine needed.

Henry and I decided to write a book, make the poster look more impressive and design some cards for ourselves to play and practice with. As Henry's little sister Lucy was preparing for her first year at school, she too loved looking at her routine and has shaved off at least 15 minutes from her morning preparation time, now independently getting her self ready for childcare drop off's.

The Matthews family have a passionate belief that if they can improve their morning routine to be calmer, more fun and loving, then other families can too. Excellent nutrition and a loving warm environment specifically benefit a child's growth and educational development. This tool and membership gives parents support and ideas to help create the best possible start for their child's schooling and education each and every day.

"We're all about teamwork now and respecting that each of us have jobs to do, to get out the door on time. With many families having a diverse dynamic across 2 households, working parents, grandparents caring, before and after school care, for every house hold, it is so different. When we can be on the same page as a family, caring, being kind, grateful and working together as a team, extended team, what ever it looks like for each family, it makes an enormous difference to parents and children."

Genevieve's personal experiences have been a large instigator for the creation of the School's Coming Routine Kit. "I knew I wasn't alone, I'd get to the school gate, cranky, upset, feeling guilty again for yelling at my kids. We'd be running late, forgetting stuff, I knew there had to be another way. I also realised seeing so many other parents doing the same thing. We'd hold glances passing in the quadrangle, or I'd hear those tones, raised voices and frustration. I really knew we wanted to make a difference not only for our family, for those around us, in our fellow community and further afield. It is our belief as a family, that every parent and child deserves their best possible start to every school day."

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"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning.
But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood."

Fred Rogers

Although our son doesn't start school until January next year, he is already playing with your cards daily. He proudly tells me about all the things he needs to do each morning before big school by reference to the cards. I love that they are picture only cards so it doesn't matter that our son can't read. What a great initiative to ease the transition to school!

Julie Granger Mum to 5 year old new school starter

Genevieve Matthews, is the creator and founder of  the productivity and performance tool, The Art of Extraordinary™.  Her passion and profession combine being creative and facilitating learning through games.

"Certainly the hours playing lego, cards, puzzles, playdough and painting have influenced my ability to play now professionally. I love putting a smile on people's faces, seeing them learn through developing their creative talents, unlocking potential. It was a natural transition to bring the play I was doing personally at home with the kids into my working environment. There is evidence now re-affirming the benefits and value of creative play on the brain helping adults and children learn. It provides an increase in empathy, motivation and efficiency, it improves memory and increases testosterone effecting energy, mood and self-esteem. Great reasons to play more with our kids, even when it's about the serious stuff."

The School's Coming project evolved from our own family needs to seeing the need with other families. We realised early in the school journey the enormous value and importance of having a fun, nourishing and nurturing start to every morning. Our mornings are much calmer, more organised, we laugh, listen to the music and we handle the hiccups better! We're committed now to helping other families, childcare and school's support the holistic development of children from very first thing in the morning, throughout their day and into their evenings. A child's home life and developing life skills is essential.

An NLP Trainer (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Values Pendulum® Business Consultant, Genevieve knows what makes people tick and how to implement and improve quickly and effectively. Combining a long career in management with motherhood, work and study, Genevieve understands the juggle and challenges facing many individuals and parents. Her career prior to motherhood took her around the world, presenting and training thousands of people. Heading up a business, leading her own team, she is not shy about saying it how it needs to be said and doing what needs to be done.

Reknown for her passion, her down to earth articulation and creativity, she will help you and your family to do it better,  differently, and make it even more extraordinary.