Be Calm and Still

Be calm and still

You know those days when it’s absolutely blowing a gale and the storm is raging… (and I mean both inside and outside). We may not be able to control what is going on outside, things can be beyond our control. What we do have control over however is ourselves, how we behave, what we think and what we make it all mean. The art of being calm and still even when the storm rages is perhaps the most powerful to master as a parent, and it is infact very exhiliarating when we start to feel, notice and hear the difference. When kids are screaming or if something has gone completely wrong, or there has been a disaster or we’ve been having a shocker of a day, it is such an incredible feeling to pause and be calm and still. When we actually choose to rise above the disaster, almost like the outer body experience when you’re watching yourself in the situation and you’re able to handle it coolly, calmly and collectedly. It’s is such a brilliant thing when it happens.

Practice being calm and still, practice developing the skill of internal calmness so that instead of feeding the fire or blowing energy into the storm and gale, you can remain an observer and facilitator. I used to call them my raaaaaa moments. When I’d boil over, loose it, explode and then only feed the fire, instead of being able to step away from the fire, rather than into it. With being calmer inside and taking that moment of stillness to breath first, we can actually completely change the trajectory of a conversation, situation or event. It’s a marvellous thing.