Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I buy one pack per family, rather than per child?

Each child is unique and loves to their things their way. Yes, you can absolutely only have one set per family, one set is certainly better than no sets. We do recognise the difference in gender currently as our school has a different uniform, varying activities to prepare for the morning. We have found that the kids are very different and they are motivated and stimulated by having their own posters in the room. If you have only one set of cards per family, then it is saying to the children, a specific routine order needs to be followed, rather than allowing the child to set and alter the routine,make their own decisions and ultimately be responsible for getting it done in his or her way. This is a personal thing for what works better for your children, our kids are very different, one more 'go with the flow' and 'gets distracted with the fun stuff' and the other more systemised and organised, gets ready much faster. It's ultimately about encouraging the child to take ownership and responsibility for their own personal routine that works and gets everyone ready and out the door on time.

2. Will it still work if I get a boy version for the girl or if a boy is referring to a girl version?

Yes, definitely. Our Lucy used Henry's poster particularly for a good while, until her own 'girl' version was produced and she responded well regardless. It's not about a he or she thing, it is about the visual stimulation and plan for getting jobs done. The content of the book is about creating family conversation, reading about how it is in our family, then asking each other how will it be in your family. What will 'we' do for our lunch boxes, our morning, who will drop off etc? Again, Henry and Lucy are characters for your kids to associate with an help them understand the process, the order, the variety and quantity of actual jobs/activities that are needed in the morning before going to school.

3. Can we buy the products separately?

No. We tested and researched the response and effectiveness of the products both used separately and together when first produced. The School's Coming Routine Kit is a family coaching kit, with various elements to it and they all help build the development and understanding of a family both adults and kids to the importance of the school morning routine. The book is the conversational piece and really is valuable for getting parents and children talking about what matters for their family, who does what, who needs help with what etc. The posters are to follow a pre-set morning routine and have a checklist. The cards are for playing a game with and using on a day to day basis, sticking up on the fridge, wall to follow a personalised routine order, or to practice and focus on certain skills per week, as reminders of what's needed. Ie. put the washing hands card up in front of the sink, or on the door/wall of the bathroom. Put the making the bed, somewhere obvious as your child leaves their bedroom. With two posters per kit, you can spread them out, ideally one in the bedroom and one in the lounge/living/kitchen area (depending on your house).

4. What has been the biggest difference noticed by parents?

The majority of parents have found their child's independence levels grow and that has been by far the most resounding improvement. A child who previously didn't/wouldn't carry his own bag into childcare, suddenly starting carrying his own bag (and continued to). A child who didn't want to dress himself, started proactively being in charge of getting dressed. A child whose mother constantly put the sunscreen on, told mum, she could do it herself and did (it seemed like she grew 5 feet with the confidence of being in charge of that instead of having it done for her). The best benefit for the parents has definitely been reported to be not saying the same thing over and over again. The repetition and constant barking, nagging or yelling of instructions, one thing after another. The only key question to use now has become "where are you up to with your routine?" or "how's your routine tracking?" or "do you need a hand with any of your jobs?".

5. What have kids responded to the most?

The feedback from kids has been magnificent, particularly from those not yet at school, who become engaged and understand the morning routine process before school starts. We work on the premise of prevention rather than cure. After only 3 months of our own 'lack of morning routine' disaster when Henry started school, we nipped in the bud early. We did not want to be dealing with the tears, tantrums and yelling for the next 13 years of school. No way. So the response from young kids who have read the book and used the cards to create their own personal routine has been wonderful. Unless you have an organised angel of a child who gets it and gets on with it, and there are some in the world... most of us aren't necessarily born with the skills of knowing how to do it, so routine, responsibility and discipline are skills that can and need to be taught for a child to know how to do it, and same works for the parent. It may be time to let go of some of the control and allow your child the independence and freedom, yet still empower them to be resonsible and work as a team.

6. Why are the skills taught in the School's Coming Routine Kit so important?

Some of the most sought after skills by future employers or needed by entrepreneurs and business owners are creativity, decision-making, problem solving, communication, the abilitity to plan and organise as well as be disciplined and take initiative. Our children learn through play. Hence the School's Coming Kit encourages playful learning for developing these skills. Our children cannot afford to wait until they are in their 20's and 30's (or later) to develop the muscle around these much needed skills. We also cannot leave it to solely be a part of the classroom, playground or on a sporting field. A child learns teamwork and responsibility by participating and learning in the home and family environment. Children can make the decisions about what happens first, then next then next and then they can learn to problem-solve then things don't go according to the plan or something changes. Children are smart and clever regardless of any labels (medical or otherwise) that may have been or be attached and each has the ability to understand and flourish with the concepts and skills that we encourage and teach in the School's Coming Routine Kit. We believe every child and parent is doing the best they currently can, with the resources they have. So if your household isn't working well, it is definitely time to call on different resources, get educated and grow new muscles to improve and maintain a calm, smooth, school morning.

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you make mornings magic and have a great start to every school day.

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