Feedback from our School's Coming Community!

Although our son doesn't start school until January next year, he is already playing with your cards daily. He proudly tells me about all the things he needs to do each morning before big school by reference to the cards. I love that they are picture only cards so it doesn't matter that our son can't read. What a great initiative to ease the transition to school!

Julie Granger Mum to 5 year old new school starter

Getting my son out the door for kindy involved a lot of bribing and mostly me dressing him and doing everything just to get out the door on time. I decided this has to stop for school next year but wasn't sure how effective I would be. Using the School's Coming cards has provided me the framework to start this routine and so far so good. Getting my son's involvement in sorting the order he wants to do things was a fun and positive experience. We now have a reference point we can both work from and I am sure by the time he starts school we will have the routine down pat and a much less stressful morning period.

Amber Burbidge Mum to 5 year old new school starter

My son is starting school next year and reading School’s Coming in bed at night has certainly helped him step up his level of responsibility when getting ready each morning. I find since having read the book a few times he is more eager to dress himself, pack his bag and be a real team player. We hi-5 every accomplishment in the morning which motivates him to do it better and faster next time. Can’t thank you enough Gen for sharing this book with us. It’s really helped in so many ways. We've yet to play the cards, however having read the book a few times, he now understands the team player bit. We’ve tried racing to see who can get dressed the fastest (big winner) and now I find there’s not much push-back when I ask him to get dressed. He’s been doing it himself a lot more than ever before. He is also proactively carrying his bag to and from kindy which is great. Normally I have to beg and plead.

Samantha Millward Mum to 5 year old new school starter

We sought your counsel as our son needed a gentle push to focus and apply himself to various tasks. By utilising positive reinforcement such as acknowledgement for completing a task, and having him feel he is working as part of a team in the morning, we have experienced positive results! Furthermore, he asks to read your book School’s Coming as he is a visual learner  and connects with the characters, being your two children.

I highly recommend the use of your positive feedback / team work methodology and your book as a visual reinforcement. Well done and thank you!

Jaime Cockerill Dad to 5 year old new school starter

Getting ready for preschool has always been a bit of a challenge to me as a mother. Trying to remember everything and make the morning routine exciting for my daughter seemed like an impossible task without making it a stressful experience for both. The School's Coming cards have added value, excitement and anticipation to my daughters routine. I'm sure that once my daughter starts school next year, the mornings will be much more structured and fun with playing the cards or just placing them on the wall as reminders. For me it is very important that my daughter takes responsibility for tasks which gives her a sense of accomplishment and pride. Brilliant, fun and gentle way to train your child to be more independent and you - the parent - to be more organized!

Kasia Wolinska Mum to 5 year old new school starter
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