Learning from each other

Learn from others

Our kids are our greatest teachers.

There is not a single day that goes by, that I do not learn something or marvel at the brain and inner workings of a child’s mind. It is quite fascinating. I love the way they model, experiment, play and imagine.

These are delightful qualities in a child and much needed in adults. We too often loose these skills as we grow up and age. It is vital to provide your child with a nurturing and encouraging environment to allow them to do these things.

To model: give them characteristics to copy, ie. teach them kindness by example, teach them courage by being courageous.

To experiment: allow them to get it wrong, to mess it up, to make a complete mess, then empower them to learn different ways to improve, grow and evolve.

To play: provide a fun, loving and caring environment to play with what every is around them, rather than choose what implement it is, allow them to choose. Make it a game, play a game with them, get back outside and explore, discover and uncover the playful kid inside you again too!

To imagine: bring out their potential and encourage their imagination around a variety of topics through question and play Imagine if….?

Are you ready to continually learn? Or do you avoid stepping into the unknown for fear of not knowing the answers? Maybe worried about getting it wrong or being judged? Young children until they ‘learn it’ from adults or other older kids, actually have no judgement, they live in a space of curiosity and complete wonder. So embrace that, embrace your curiosity and childlike wonder learning and growing with your children.