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5 Top Tips to Smooth School Mornings

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5 Top Tips to Smooth School Mornings
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As a busy parent, time is very valuable. Watch this recorded Online Event and discover how to avoid the chaos and carnage, that the school morning routines can create, if not nipped in the bud early.

Do you loose sleep over how bad your school mornings seem to have gotten and you're only dealing with young kids. Imagine what it could be like by the time they're 16?!

Or perhaps you're preparing for the 2018 school year ahead.

Want to discover how to:

  • Have a stress free morning?
  • Get out of the house on time?
  • Not lose your bundle, scream and shout?

Learn tips and tricks for getting everyone on the same page, getting on with 'their' jobs and out the door on time.

If you've had enough of (or worried this is what your school mornings could look and sound like):

  • Tears
  • Tantrums
  • Shouting
  • Slow starts
  • Things getting forgotten
  • The airy fairy vague moments
  • Kids getting to school late
  • Running late for work yourself
  • General chaos reigning daily

Then watch this online training event.

Whether you're already on the school journey or starting out in 2018, this event will change your mornings forever!

Warning: This is not for parents who aren't ready to take some responsibility for making their own changes first. Our kids are a reflection of us, as we are a reflection of them. There is no magic pill to miraculously make mornings amazing. It takes diligence, communication, lots of love and nurture combined with a great system to teach your children responsibility, teamwork and routine. You may discover you need to regress and go back a few steps in order to go forward.

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5 Top Tips to Smooth School Mornings
Online Training
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Here's what you'll discover when you watch this online training

  • How to stop being the screaming banshee and taking it out on your kids
  • What routine is specifically and how to fall in love with it
  • Why curiosity and presence will transform your parenting style
  • How to plan your mornings effectively
  • Useful language to get your whole family working as a team and being responsible

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

About Genevieve Matthews

Genevieve Matthews, creator of School's Coming and The Art of Extraordinary™ is passionate about combining creative learning and facilitating.

There is evidence re-affirming the benefits and value of creative play on the brain helping adults and children learn.

It provides an increase in empathy, motivation and efficiency, it improves memory and increases testosterone effecting energy, mood and self-esteem. Great reasons to play more with our kids, even when it's about the serious stuff.

The School's Coming project evolved from our own family needs to creating a great resource to help other families. We realised early on in the school journey the enormous value and importance of having a fun, nourishing and nurturing start to every morning. Our mornings are much calmer, more organised, we laugh, listen to the music and we handle the hiccups better!

An experienced coach, trainer and mentor, and author of the books - School's Coming, Genevieve will share a wealth of information and tools to assist you and your child through the school mornings.

We look forward to you joining us and watching this online training. For any questions or queries, please email us on

Let's make mornings amazing.