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The Power of Language when communicating with Kids

A while back as we were heading out the gate for school drop, I clearly remember my other half, yelling across the back fence as we were piling into the car, “Henry, good luck with your test today. Don’t be scared!” My stomach dropped and I took a very deep breath. As we got into…

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A Helping Hand with Creating Confident Kids

Last night as we snuggled in bed, she whispered quietly about how the kids were excluding her from the game, shoving her out of the circle and oh it broke my heart. My own childhood memories came flashing back, I wanted to rush into that school yard and sort things out, but alas no, that’s…

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Is it time to Reset or Refresh Your Boundaries

Imagine if you built a new house. You created this gorgeous home, yours. Would you build a fence? Would you create a garden path? Would you make sure the house had a front door on it? Or would you leave your house open… for anyone to walk in, YELL and SCREAM, make a mess, crash…

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