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A Helping Hand with Creating Confident Kids

Last night as we snuggled in bed, she whispered quietly about how the kids were excluding her from the game, shoving her out of the circle and oh it broke my heart. My own childhood memories came flashing back, I wanted to rush into that school yard and sort things out, but alas no, that’s…

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School Mornings have a Long Lasting Impact

Last week, we looked at the 5 Top Tips for making school mornings amazing! Trust they were useful. And what if… it was about so much more than that?! Working with adults as a Leadership Facilitator helping business owners create high-performing teams, there are some surprising commonalities. And guess what? It all starts in the formative years.…

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No Magical Shortcuts to School Morning Routines

A distraught parent asked me yesterday…. what to do about their morning routine or lack of it? “We’re all over the shop” she said with tears in her eyes. “I always end up screaming at the kids. We’re constantly running late. Or otherwise I feel like I have to be the Sargent Major to get…

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