The 3 Most Important Questions for School Morning Routine

Today, we’re going to have a quick chat about the 3 Most Important Questions you need to be asking your child before school.

Let me set the scene….

These questions are to be used after a morning hug, snuggletime and chit-chat.

These questions assume you have already got or established a ‘morning routine’ with your child. By that I mean, an order of things to do and it’s in ideally – the order they like/love – not just your way.

These questions presuppose you know what your child is already ‘age or skill – appropriately able to do or not yet and what things you may or may not ‘need’ to be doing for them or helping them with.


Here are the only 3 Questions you need to be asking in the Morning Routine:

1) Where are you up to in your routine?

2) How’s your routine tracking?

3) Do you need a hand with getting your routine done?


Because if you’re a teller….nagger or even a screamer on occasion – all you’re doing is teaching them to not think for themselves. They will never ‘need’ to remember because mummy or daddy or carer will keep reminding them in above said tone (insert tone of teller, nagger or screamer here).

Any human, adult or child will become complacent when they don’t need to bother because someone else always does things for them (insert makes the bed, cleans up bedroom, ties shoelaces, puts lunch in bag)

Children are very capable and their capability will surprise you when you encourage and empower it. Now yes, our kids are all different and some come with their fair share of challenges, however honestly, the challenges stem more from us. And our lack of knowledge of understanding how they tick. They have their own innate personality and behaviour and the better you get it, know it and can influence it, the more success you’ll have in the mornings (and generally parenting!)

The only way to help improve the mornings are as parent to accept responsibility for how we parent rather than blaming the child/children.

Kids and parents are doing the best they can with the resources, knowledge and time they have. If you’re happy with how your mornings are, rock on, fabulous and if you’re not, it’s about tweaking and improving things. And it can be the littlest things that make the biggest difference. So if the scene, I set above isn’t quite how things are operating in your household and you’d like to know how to improve it, let me know.


P.S Here’s the link to our School’s Coming Routine Kit, if you’d like some help with our pre-made & ready to roll morning routine. Read our book together, use the routine poster or design your own morning routine with our School’s Coming Routine Cards.