The Gift of Life

The gift of life is precious

How quickly time flies!

I remember being told when the children were born, enjoy it, because time flies. It seemed like such a cliche back then, and I was like, oh yeh, sure!

Fast-forward 5 years and this tiny hand belongs to my daughter about to start school.

It does fly, doesn’t it! However when you’re in it, it doesn’t always fly, well it didn’t for me… I know everyone’s journey is different.

I remember it being slow and very painful in parts along the way, however at the core of all of it, what always stayed front of mind regardless, is how absolutely precious every second of life is. The gift of life. As dear friends currently celebrate the birth of their little girl after many years of IVF and tribulation along the way, and another beautiful friend has acknowledged that they are not able to conceive, we don’t always get the choice, nature can take that away from us, and even medical intervention can and cannot work.

Life is precious, it is a gift.