The Littlest Things

get-excited-by-the-littlest-thingsDo you know what the littlest things are that make the biggest difference in your household? In ours, it is routine, teamwork and responsibility. This picture has become the ‘norm’ now. Henry has been hand-making his bed, by himself, every day for the last few months. I hear you laugh, it might seem like a small milestone, however for us it’s a HUGE LEAP for mankind in our household.

What are 3 little things in your household that if your child could be responsible for and did it for themselves (you may need to do it together for a while) that would make a huge difference to the household?

Making our bed is one of the very first things we do (Steve and I) when we roll out of bed, so we’ve been teaching Henry, that could be the very first thing he could do when he rolls out of bed. Why?? Because routine is important. The more they do the same thing every day, it becomes normal not abnormal, it becomes standard, not the exception, it becomes an unconscious habit rather than a conscious chore.

Set them up for success day in, day out. Keep it simple and keep it the same. What do they do, what do you do and what do you do together? What’s the order and what’s the routine?

What needs to become habit and a normal part of your every day?

Remember it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.